The SDR Transceiver ADT-200A


The ADT-200A is world's first amateur radio transceiver with completely digital signal processing. The device is equipped with the latest DSP technology, moreover it is produced professionally with state-of-the-art technology.

The software algorithms for the signal processing have been carefully developed and have been optimized several times. Tests show that the ADT-200A can keep up with even the best commercial receivers regarding selectivity, sensitivity and intelligibility.

As a novelty, the transmit signal is processed by adaptive predistortion, a technique that is used for the first time in amateur radio. This technology stands out due to high efficiency and a remarkably clean transmit spectrum, combined with an exceptionally clear modulation.

The spectrum analyzer is available as a PC program. The display range extends from 10kHz up to 2MHz. This equally allows narrowband analysis of transmit spectra as well as monitoring of whole bands. A dynamic range of >120dB and an accuracy of ±1dB make this option a measuring instrument.

The Highlights of the ADT-200A


  • Receiver with very clean, low-noise audio reproduction
  • 4 receivers with independent frequency selection, one is reserved for the Spectrum Analyzer
  • Automatic fine tuning for AM and CW via push button
  • Several noise blankers eliminate even extreme impulses
  • Linear S-meter with an unbelievable range of -148dBm up to +17dBm and a typical error of ±1dB


  • Adaptive Predistortion allows a PA efficiency of up to 70% and results in a very clean modulation
  • Low distortion voice enhancer replaces the legacy speech compressor
  • Clean output spectrum with an intermodulation ratio of >45dBc
  • Calibrated VSWR- and power meter working from 100mW

The ADT-200A with new Functions!

New in Firmware 1.40g:

  • Support of the Low Power Transverter TRV1D and external transverters

New in Firmware 1.39f:

  • Support of the 60m band

New in Firmware 1.39:

  • Support for Spectrum Analyzer V2.0
  • New Power- and SWR-Readout
  • New Power Enhancer
  • Broadband FM Demodulator for Transverter Operation
  • Binaural CW Reception

New in Firmware 1.36:

New in Firmware 1.35:

  • Split Operation
  • New Preselector Unit
  • New Memory Concept
  • Frequency Calibration by Broadcast Station