General Specifications ADT-200A


Frequency Range (without options) 10kHz 30MHz
1.8MHz 30MHz
Input RX-ANT
Inputs ANT1, ANT2
Resolution of Tuning Knob ± 1Hz
Frequency changement per resolution 500Hz 100kHz progressive from > 3 Turns/s
Preamplifier 0, +5, +10dB
Attenuator 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25dB automatic/manual Operation
Max. Input Power (Ue an 50Ohm) -8dBm
Att = 0dB, Preamp = 0dB
Att = 25dB
Sensitivity (MDS) CW (f = 1.8 30MHz)
(B = 500Hz)
<-137dBm (0.03µV)
< -127dBm (0.1µV)
S/N = 0dB, Preamp = 10dB
S/N = 10dB, Preamp = 10dB
Sensitivity SSB (f = 1.8 30MHz)
(B = 2400Hz)
< -120dBm (0.22µV)
< -110dBm (0.7µV)
S/N = 0dB, Preamp = 0dB
S/N = 10dB, Preamp = 0dB
Sensitivity AM (f = 0.1 30MHz)
Preamp = 0dB
Preamp = 10dB

< -105dBm (1.8µV)
< -112dBm (0.57µV)

B = 9kHz, fmod = 1kHz, m = 60%
S/N = 12dB
Noise Figure < 10dB Preamp = 10dB
Intermodulation 3. Order (IP3) 1) > 28dBm 2 x -14dBm, delta f = 2kHz, B = 500Hz
IM3-free Dynamic Range 1) > 96dB Preamp = 0dB
Intermodulation 2. Order (IP2) > 60dBm 2 x -14dBm, f1 = 6MHz, f2 = 9MHz
IM2-free Dynamic Range/td> > 93dB Preamp = 0dB
Spurious-free Reception < -107dBm
Blocking Dynamic Range (Preamp = 0dB) > 112dB B = 2400Hz, ?f = 2kHz
CW Filter
SSB Filter
AM Filter
FM Filter

50Hz ... 1.2kHz
300Hz ... 3.5kHz
3.0kHz ... 10kHz
6.0kHz ... 25kHz

in 10 Steps
in 13 Steps
in 10 Steps
in 12 Steps
S-Meters Tolerance ± 1.5dB
S-Meter Range 165dB -148dBm +17dBm
Sideband Noise of NCO < -140dBm/Hz 2kHz spaced from fe
AGC Threshold -40 -116dBm selectable in steps of 2dB
AGC Time Constants 1ms ... 100ms
10ms ... 5s
50ms ... 10s
NF Frequency Response at SSB
B = 2400Hz, Equalizer: off
± 1dB f_NF = 300Hz ... 2700Hz
NF Equalizer (in steps of 3dB) ± 18dB f = 300Hz, 800Hz, 3kHz
Signal Delay (Antenna input to AF output) typ. 20ms depends on filter bandwidth

1) The two tone measurement procedure is generally not applicable for AD converters , as the IP3 of an AD converter decreases proportionaly to the input signals. On the other hand, due to dithering, the IM-free dynamic range is in practical operation substantialy higher than at the laboratory two tone measurement.

Frequency Reference

Internal Reference Oscillator TCXO, 10MHz
Stability at 1030°C ambient temperature ± 0.1ppm after 30min.
Aging max. 1ppm /year
Electronic Tuning Range ± 8ppm by SW with external reference
External Reference, Type A 5MHz, 10MHz
Signal Amplitude of external reference min. 200mV RMS


Frequency Range 1.8 29.7MHz all amateur bands
Output Power Range (in 16 Steps) 0.1W 50W
max. 45W
PEP 2-Tone
Continuous carrier, unmodulated
Harmonics < -60dBc
Non-harmonic Spurious Emission < -70dBc outside of fc ± 200kHz
Intermodulation 3. 9. Order < - 45dBc 2 tone, 50W PEP
Drain Efficiency max. 70% at max. output power
AF Frequency Range SSB 200Hz 3.0kHz configurable
Rejection of unwanted Sideband > 90dB
Tx-Equalizer (in steps of 3dB) ± 18dB f = 100Hz, 550Hz, 3kHz
Enhancement of medium Voice Power 0 8dB
Power Leveling +18 -30dB automatically adjusted according to the selected power
Inband IM-Distortions < -50dB
Tolerance of Power-Meter ± 5% numerische u. Balken-Anzeige
Power Range of VSWR Meter 0.1 50W min. Anzeige: 1:1.03

General Data

AC Supply 90 253VAC, 5060Hz
Power Consumption 20W (Rx), 120W (Tx)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 260 x 103 x 260mm
Weight 4.5kg
Temperature Range +5°C +45°C fully functional